During the second half of 2000, Central Plains Water conducted an inclusive programme that sought to identify all the issues and values the community of interest holds in regard to the use of water on the central plains of Canterbury.

Groups and interests that have been consulted include:

  • Tangata whenua
  • Environmental groups
  • Potential water users
  • Existing irrigators
  • Drainage rate committees
  • Potential commercial beneficiaries
  • Communities identified as possible sites for storage lakes and canals

There are competing demands for this valuable resource. The inclusive nature of the process has meant that all parties will be heard and in return will be able to hear the views expressed by others.

Any decision or recommendation made by the Working Party will be by consensus. Dissenting views will be noted.

The Consultative Working Party has formed strong relationships between the various interests. The views of those parties is known to all. On many issues there is little variance between the views of the parties.

Meetings are also held, from time to time and as required, with many of the parties to explain or investigate in more detail a particular issue. For example, when various possible sites for storage lakes were identified, meetings were held to explain the need for these facilities. It is likely that more of these meetings with different interest groups will be held as different issues associated with the project develop.

To download the report on the Consultation Programme to December 2000 click here.

To download a summary of issues and outcomes identified in the initial phase of the Consultation Programme, click here.